Monday, March 18, 2013

75.9% of Mobile Phone Owners Text

 Short message services are developing rapidly around the world.
Did you know that 75.9% of mobile phone owners send and receive texts everyday? Text Message Marketing is virtually non existent in Hawaii but it is now among the fastest growing marketing platforms because of the 97% open rate and personal touch.

 Small business owners were skeptical of this new weird marketing tactic. This is something they have never seen before except maybe on American Idol. "Text… to vote for…" 

 Responses I got where "Great but it sounds too complicated and expensive" or "Isn't that Spam?" Actually, it is very simple and inexpensive. Also, in Hawaii we like to eat spam not get it on our mobile phones. SMS is not spam. SMS is permission based only. 

 In other words, your loyal customers give you permission to send them an occasional text coupon, offer or deal. This has to be something of value to entice your loyal clients to come in and redeem your text coupon. The option to opt-out in every text you send is always given.

What makes this great is that when you send a text, 97% of the people on your list will get it and read it within 15 minutes. Try that with email, TV or Radio.

 Slow Tequila sales amigo? Build a list of your local loyal clients so you can blast a text to suit your needs, for example, "Bring this text and get 1 free… when you buy…  before 9pm tonight only."

Two ways of starting your SMS Campaign. 

1. Manage it yourself
2. Hire an SMS expert

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why Do I Need Mobile Marketing?

What's it good for?

Mobile Marketing For Restaurants

When we listen to the radio, watch TV or read the newspaper, customers have their cell phones on hand and are definitely prepared use it.  So why not collect customer data and text to inform of any new items on your menu?

90% of all cell phone users carry their mobiles around with them all day. Always within arms length. 

It's no secret cell phones have become a huge necessity in our lives. 

When we head out our front door, we grab our wallets and our keys and… our mobile device.

Text with weekly specials

Send out coupons

Ask for feedback

Text with holiday wishes, specials

The advantages for the broker and potential buyer. 

Signs of properties for sale or rent are no fun. 
Did your flyers get wet? 

Do you want the buyer to call the phone number while looking at the property? T
hat means you need to answer the phone and have a conversation that hopefully will lead to an appointment. 

Some people may not be ready to talk to someone. They're just browsing. 

Do you know who takes your flyers?

What if you could know who took each flyer and where from and when? 

How to contact them for follow up conversations?

Text Messaging Marketing will supply that information.

Try it Free.

I can show you how you can easily and quickly build your own list. Don't know if you've heard but the money is in the list. The list of people you can market to with offers they signed up to get on their mobile device so buyers become leads.

Entire groups of contacts can be sent property updates, new listing alerts, reduced prices, and open house notifications

What is so great about this is messages can be tailored to buyers particular needs.

Real estate professionals are now benefiting from text messaging services in many ways.

Text messaging is an extremely effective tool, and in this competitive industry, it can help your business stand out among the competition.

Ok, so how do you increase revenue? Do you...

1. Get your customers to spend more money

2. Advertise 
3. Raise prices

The first two ways are attractive but are time consuming and very expensive. 

Text marketing offers the most cost-effective way to put your message right into the hands of your customers instantly. 

What makes it different? Better?

There is no hoping they'll see your ad in the paper, or open your email or like you on FB or follow you on Twitter.  

Your message is a text message on their cell phone, which they always carry and guess what… will read. 

You can invite customers to exclusive offers, ask them to participate in contests, surveys or to your website. 

There are many possibilities with this new weird technology.

It is 100% Spam Free. This is strictly permission based.

Rest assured when you invite customers to join your "Exclusive Loyal Customers 

Club" for special offers, coupons, and discounts they will always have the option to opt-out as easily as they opted in. This is a requirement as per "The Telephone Consumers Act of 1991" passed by the US Congress and signed by non other than George W. Bush.

Among the many benefits:

Increase sales

Build a database to be marketed to over and over

Develop valid data to study

Increase customer loyalty

Improve your advertising ROI

Get more customers

Get customers to spend more

Targeted campaigns are now delivered in seconds, without waiting on a printer. 

Promotion ideas can quickly become a reality and thus reap rewards the same day. 

Never before have you been able to promote and get instant results by putting your message instantly in your customers hands. 

  • Send effective Invitations for charitable events.
  • Follow up thank you text messages to important donors.
  • Send text invites and follow up for organizational meetings.

You have seen American Idol. "Text this to vote for that."
This is not for the big corporations anymore.

Promoters are now engaging with audiences by texting during the event or concert
Send reminders, notices of cancellations, free songs, special deals, last-minute announcements, or contests.

It doesn't matter wether you're a concert promoter, a nightclub owner, or an independent musician, you can reach your captive audience fast.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SMS 101

Welcome to my blog. 

Text messages has profoundly changed the way we communicate.

The most simple yet very cost effective ways to communicate with client/customers… No other medium compares. 

Small businesses are now incorporating mobile into their efforts to stay ahead of the game and drive customer engagement.

No, it is not spam… 100% Permission Based Only.

Text message marketing is strictly opt-in. Text message spam is a violation of the FCCʼs Telephone Consumer Protection Act and carries fines up to $500 per text message. That is why I provide a short code and keyword in my SMS Services.

Whatʼs a Short Code?
A SMS short code is a 5 digit phone number that is used for commercial purposes. The numbers are short so that they take less time to message to and are easier to remember.

Whatʼs a Keyword?
A keyword is a word that is unique only to you and your SMS campaign. It should be short and relevant to your business. If you own a pizza shop, "Slice" or "Pizza" would be great Keywords.

Here is a quick simple video example of how it works.

Monday, July 2, 2012

How 148 text characters can be a big influence on profits.

SMS, mobile marketing, text message marketing or whatever they are calling it these days is relatively new to most local small businesses. This uncharted territory makes them skeptical to try it out. They think its Spam. If you ask for permission, it is not.

It's a simple concept that beats any other medium... Radio, Print, Direct or EMail and TV combined! Really, when was the last time you got excited to open your snail or junk email? Listen to a tv or radio commercial. Text messages have a 97% open rate. It's as easy as sending a text with an enticing offer. 

The Honolulu Tavern in Honolulu on Oahu, Hawaii has implemented SMS in their ad campaigns. A great local joint in the heart of Waikiki. In just a four weeks The Taverns list of opt-ins surpassed 100 subscribers and it is still growing. It is a great way to communicate with customers and letting them know of upcoming events, contests, specials, VIP happy hours, polls, raffles, voting... the list is as endless as your imagination. 

     Free for 30 Days!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Text 2 Video... a must have!

Ernie Lopez

Anyone using SMS or Text Message Marketing probably does not know about text 2 Video and are missing on another great new tactic.

A cool way to make a business stand out is to have Text 2 Video.
Simply include a link to a Vid about your business in your text messaging campaigns.
That link will take the person to a mobile optimized video of say... The owner welcoming the person for joining and inform that they will soon get periodic great secret deals, text coupons or upcoming event details.

A great way to help a business or anyone looking to stand out of the crowd.

Other SMS providers are not implementing this in their services for some reason.

You can substantially increase your market share and improve your ROI with Mobile Marketing and Knockout HD Videos for your mobile marketing needs.

It is amazing what a 145 characters and a Vid can do for a business. It's like printing money. Really!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Are you seriously still contemplating going mobile?

Ernie Lopez

Can you hear me now?

If you are still contemplating using SMS or Short Message Service or Text Message Marketing, you still have time. Your competition probably isn't... yet.

SMS in Hawaii is still in its infant stage and it will take off real soon in my opinion. The number of smart phone users will increase dramatically in 2012 yet, Less than 5% of businesses in America are implementing SMS in their marketing campaigns.


When 90% of people have a device with SMS capabilities. 95% of text messages sent are read within 30 min. In addition, SMS can provide a 20-70% success rate while at the same time reduce your costs by at least 50%. So why aren't more businesses using it when lots of money can be made texting your customers a special offer or secret sale?

-Some think it costs too much. Not any more. SMS is now affordable for small business. Texting for business can now be free... 
Click Free SMS  for 30 days. 

-Other SMS providers give you a week to try.
A 30 day old mobile marketing list is 4 times more effective than a one week old SMS list.

-Some think it's sending spam. 
That's illegal and no we do not send spam.

Any reputable SMS provider will tell you upfront. "Permission Based Marketing Services Only" That means when people raise their hand and say, "Yea, I wanna get text coupons from my favorite store" they are giving you permission to market to them because they like you and the services you provide.

When you entice clients and prospects to join your mobile list with a gift or discount, they will join and your own private list will grow. Have you heard the money is in the list?
How about your own private list of interested and targeted customers?
Can you see the possibilities?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The big trend for 2012? Mobile and social commerce.

By Ernie Lopez
Aloha Text Marketing

Big brands are investing in a long-term strategic plan regarding the impact of mobile and social commerce in the near future.

Big retail brands such as Walmart, Amazon and eBay made big investments by buying their mobile marketing development and management team.

Can't say I blame them because of the effectiveness of SMS. I think smart-phones will more than surpass the 50% of users predicted last year by experts and this will allow for a better consumer experience.

My question is what does this mean for small SMS Firms.
Amazon has been acquiring mobile companies like Snaptell and Yap, PayPal bought Fig Card and VeriSign, and Walmart brought its app development in-house through its purchase of Small Society. 

Retailers are looking for more control over their customers’ mobile experiences. More and more will follow when they see how it works effectively.

2012 is here and big brands are participating in Mobile.
SMS, mobile site or apps is the new major trend that will play a major role.

Can small businesses take advantage of the new and best marketing techniques?

One of the best and inexpensive ways to do-it-yourself is TATANGO

They have tutorial videos that show you exactly what to do and how to do it.

You don't have to have a bachelors in marketing to implement.

Another great do-it-yourself SMS Firm is YEPTEXT
They also keep it very simple with videos explaining everything so you can understand.

SMS or short message service is going to take the forefront in advertising. 

See how I help small businesses take advantage of this new weird tactic HERE